Pre-Litigation Settlements Under Duress in Wage and Hour Cases

When employers and employees face disputes over wages and hours worked, the path to resolution is fraught with challenges. The decision to settle these disputes before litigation is not straightforward. The stakes are high for both parties, as the outcome can significantly impact both an… read more

How To Handle (And Prevent) Mechanics Liens For Subcontractors (Part 2)

Dealing with mechanics’ liens and payment disputes can be challenging in the construction industry. Subcontractors, in particular, must understand lien laws and how to enforce them effectively. We wanted to give you some insights into managing these issues. A basic understanding of liens helps ensure… read more

How To Handle (And Prevent) Mechanics Liens For Landlords (Part 1)

In the construction industry, subcontractors and landlords often face a series of legal challenges that can escalate to litigation. This month’s blog looks at mechanics liens and how a landlord may be forced to deal with one. Because mechanics’ liens are significant legal obstacles for… read more

How To Avoid The Common Pitfalls Associated With Startups

Transforming innovative ideas into successful businesses requires more than passion and hard work. Entrepreneurs must develop an understanding of the legal components that govern their business. Without it, even the most promising startups can be derailed by falling victim to common pitfalls. Understanding and navigating… read more

Subcontractor Troubleshooting to do list:

Subcontractor Troubleshooting to do list: 1. General Business Considerations: (i) proper entity set up- the business should be set up as a corporate entity to limit personal liability issues for the owners. (ii) proper insurance- establish liability insurance for the work being performed; and (iii)… read more

My Company Is Being Sued By An Employee: What Should I Do?

Being sued by an employee can be a difficult situation to navigate, especially if it is the first time. If you are being sued by an employee, remain calm. Legal counsel can assist to mitigate and resolve the situation. If you receive notice of a… read more

Over $1M Awarded to Subcontractor for Wrongful Termination in Construction Dispute

Rodriguez-McCloskey PLLC recently obtained an arbitration award of over $1 million for its client in a high-stakes, complex construction dispute. Founding partner Yenisey Rodriguez-McCloskey successfully defended its client, Concrete Structures, Inc. (“CSI”), against unsubstantiated claims for damages totaling more than $5 million.  In more than… read more

RM Wins Dismissal of Employment Law Claims Against General Contractors

Attorney Yenisey Rodriguez-McCloskey (RM) notched another victory in Federal Court last month when she obtained a dismissal of employment law claims brought against two general contractor clients. The case was brought by several construction workers who had worked on the job sites of Trinity Builders… read more