Understanding The New FinCEN Reporting Requirements

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the U.S. Department of the Treasury  (FinCEN) has set new rules for reporting beneficial ownership information (BOI). These rules are part of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA). Businesses must understand these rules to ensure compliance and avoid significant financial… read more

What Your Business Needs to Know About the FTC’s Ban on Non-Compete Clauses

In a major shift for employer/employee relationships in New York and across the country, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently voted to ban most non-compete clauses from employment contracts. We’ve been closely following these developments since the rule was first proposed last January and want… read more

Protect Your Assets from a Corporate Veil Claim

Forming a business is a choice many people and entrepreneurs make to build toward personal success and, ultimately, generational wealth. However, starting a company is not without its risks, including the risk of being held personally liable for the debts of your business. People often… read more

Pre-Litigation Settlements Under Duress in Wage and Hour Cases

When employers and employees face disputes over wages and hours worked, the path to resolution is fraught with challenges. The decision to settle these disputes before litigation is not straightforward. The stakes are high for both parties, as the outcome can significantly impact both an… read more

How To Handle (And Prevent) Mechanics Liens For Subcontractors (Part 2)

Dealing with mechanics’ liens and payment disputes can be challenging in the construction industry. Subcontractors, in particular, must understand lien laws and how to enforce them effectively. We wanted to give you some insights into managing these issues. A basic understanding of liens helps ensure… read more

How To Handle (And Prevent) Mechanics Liens For Landlords (Part 1)

In the construction industry, subcontractors and landlords often face a series of legal challenges that can escalate to litigation. This month’s blog looks at mechanics liens and how a landlord may be forced to deal with one. Because mechanics’ liens are significant legal obstacles for… read more